Review: Event Horizon

Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
Year: 1997
Score: 3.5/10

Not good at all. Has some interesting ideas, and the basic premise (The Shining in space) has promise, but it descends into such stupidity! Plots holes galore and some laughably bad sequences, particularly in the second half. Plus, the explanation we’re given for what’s going on is pretty lame.


2 thoughts on “Review: Event Horizon

  1. Iain Triffitt

    The basic premise of Event Horizon is Solaris as a horror film (as Solaris is already set in space.) Other than that, agreed – though there’s a great detail in the flag Sam Neill’s character has on his spacesuit (a detail that Neill added himself.)

    1. simonsaysmovies Post author

      Coincidentally, I recently watched both versions of Solaris – reviews are on their way (written but as yet unpublished). Event Horizon was the furthest thing from my mind afterwards, but now that you point it put I can definitely see the connection.

      The flag trivia is neat, thanks for that!


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