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Movies released in 1939.

Review: Gunga Din

Director: George Stevens
Year: 1939
Score: 6.5/10

There’s surprising fun to be had with this, the second Kipling adaptation I watched within about a week (the first being The Man Who Would Be King). It holds up quite well for its age, though some parts work much better than others; specifically, the action scenes tend to work well (particularly a battle scene near the start), as does anything involving banter and hijinks between the three main characters, but a lot of the stuff involving ‘natives’ is problematic, as are all the scenes featuring Joan Fontaine (and, indeed, the entire subplot in which one of the main characters is leaving the army to marry her and the others thwart this by making him reenlist). Keep an eye out for the elements that directly inspired Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (though you needn’t look hard, they’re pretty obvious).