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Movies released in 1975.

Review: Love and Death

Director: Woody Allen
Year: 1975
Score: 9/10

Brilliant Woody Allen film, my favourite (along with Manhattan) of those I’ve now seen. The thing that surprised me most was just how funny it was – there’s a joke or two in almost every line. In fact, of the 365 movies I saw in 2013, this would be close to the top in terms of how hard it made me laugh. I confess I didn’t get all of the references/jokes/homages to Russian literature or European cinema, but for the most part I could at least tell that a reference was being made. Beyond the jokes themselves, I loved the central anachronism, the constant mocking of philosophical rhetoric and argument, the performances by Allen and especially Diane Keaton (who is hilarious), and the wonderful sense of ridiculousness and fun throughout.

Review: Shampoo

Director: Hal Ashby
Year: 1975
Score: 7.5/10

Warren Beatty (who I’m growing to really like) is great as a hairdresser who sleeps with a whole lot of women in this very enjoyable and often funny satire set against the backdrop of Richard Nixon’s election in 1968. It would be amusing to see a diagram of the sexual connections between the characters – by the end I’m fairly certain everyone had slept with (or was in some way romantically connected to) everyone else. Excellent use of music, particularly some Beatles songs. Definitely worth a look.

Review: The Man Who Would Be King

Director: John Huston
Year: 1975
Score: 6/10

John Huston’s adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling story is quite old-fashioned (read: racist) in its approach to colonialism, but if you set that aside it’s entertaining enough. Sean Connery and Michael Caine are fun as the leads, and there’s some good action and a nice sense of adventure. However, it hasn’t aged very well, it doesn’t have a whole lot of depth, and a key shift in the central relationship happens too abruptly.